Carpet Cleaning Health Benefits For Your Dogs

People often choose carpet over wooden flooring due to the ease of use, cost affordability and also the unique design. Yes, carpet has all of these qualities and it is one of the crucial parts of the home decor. However, in order to serve the purpose, the carpet needs cleaning. Carpet cleaning ensures that the longevity of it increases. The fiber also remains intact and it remains soft as well. However, perhaps the most important benefit of carpet cleaning is the healthy home. If you opt to get a professional carpet cleaner make sure its from a trusted company.

How to clean carpet

Carpet cleaning is a systematic process and must be followed. Vacuuming carpet regularly is a healthy practice for carpet cleaning. Removing the stains from the carpet should also be done in order to make the carpet clean. However, it is important that professional cleaning is carried out once a year at least. Regular cleaning is good for the carpet but deep cleaning is equally important. However, the need for deep cleaning depends on the usage of the carpet as well. If the carpet has moderate usage, then once a year cleaning is fine. However, if the usage is more then it can be cleaned even twice in a year.

Health Benefits

There are plenty of health benefits of cleaning a carpet. If you are not convinced yet then, you must know the following health benefits of the carpet cleaning. The significance of the carpet cleaning can be understood from the fact that the American Lung Institute recommends vacuuming of your carpet or home if someone at home has breathing-related problems.

Eliminates Trapped Pollutants

A carpet can trap several allergens and pollutants. It can be from cockroach, lead pollutants, plastic pollutants, pet dander, and others. Now, these indoor air pollutants get mixed with the indoor air and form toxic gases. These toxic gases remain in the air and people at home inhale it. These can cause multiple diseases and can make people sick. However, regular vacuuming of the carpet ensures that the trapped elements are sucked out of the fibers. Once these are out of the fiber, the risk of contaminating the indoor air drastically reduces. Hence, your indoor air quality improves.

Dust Mites

Dust Mites are a very common pest at home. The dust at the carpet is one of the crucial causes of the dust mites. Well, some might argue that dust mites are not allergens. Yes, that is true, but the feces and the body fragments left by the dust mites are allergens and result in diseases. During the professional cleaning, high temperature is used to destroy the dust mites.

Mold Growth

If you are at a humid place, then your dirty carpet is vulnerable to mold. When the dirty carpet comes in contact with moisture, mold grows. The moisture generally gets trapped into the carpet and help the mold to grow as well. It is therefore important to remove the dirt and keep the carpet clean.

Carpet cleaning is very necessary for a healthy home. So, cleaned carpet can make your house look beautiful and make you feel healthy as well.