Cats vs. dogs


We all know the perpetual war between cat and dog owners or, better said between cat and dog persons. The world seems to be divided between these two categories, and there rarely seems to be an in between. Well, as a person who has owned both cats and dogs I believe that I am more than qualified to settle this argument once and for all.

The important thing to know is that both cats and dogs are amazing pets. They both have some clear upsides. To begin with, the great thing about cats is that they are incredibly independent. This should be understood in the most literal way possible. Cats do not depend on you and the sooner you get this, the better your relationship will be. They don’t necessarily need your attention, they don’t need you to walk them and, at some extent, if we are talking about cats that are also allowed to go outside, they don’t even depend on you when it comes to food. This is the main reason why cats are perfect for people with a busy schedule, who don’t have time to deal with all the drama of the walking and petting. For instance, I even had to go away for a couple of days and couldn’t find a sitter for my dear cat, so I just had to leave it home. I left it with a reasonable supply of food and water and two days later when I came back, she didn’t even seem to notice that I was gone. Of course that at first I was a bit offended, but I soon realized that this is just how cats work.


When it comes to dogs there are really not enough positive things to say about them. People who say that their dog is a part of the family are definitely not kidding. And let me tell you this, dogs are truly amazing. The way they cheer you up and all the love they are capable of giving is just unbelievable. They are always willing to play and make your day better. Not to mention the fact that a dog is really great around the house in case someone uninvited decides to drop by. The fact that they are extremely territorial will surely come in handy in case some thief sets your house as a target. They are great for people with disabilities, for depressed persons or simply for the ones that happen to feel lonely.


All in all, as hard as it may be to believe, there really isn’t a winner when it comes to cats versus dogs. The important thing is to find a pet that best suits your needs, and most importantly, your schedule. As I said before, cats are great for busy people, whereas dogs make a better fit for persons who love the outdoors and like being active all the time. But no matter what pet you choose, they will surely love you if you treat them right.