How to house train your pup

Well, you finally made it!

You got yourself the long desired puppy. There’s no doubt about it, she is the most adorable thing you have ever seen in your life. The playfulness and the clumsiness alone are reason enough to melt even the toughest hearts.


However, there are some things you should know and prepare for. One of them is related to the “toilet issue” as I like to call it. The thing is that for the first few weeks of their lives puppies do not have control of their bladder or of their sphincter. In other words, when they need to go, they just do it, because it is impossible for them to hold anything in. this is why you should never get frustrated with your puppy, even if the learning process seems to last longer than expected.

I would really suggest starting to house train your pup as soon as she gets home. Like I said before, this may be a lengthy process, so you should be incredibly patient. I would even advise taking a couple of days off work so that you can constantly be with her. This is actually a great idea, because you will no longer have to sniff all of your carpets when you get back home so that you figure out where she went. And speaking of carpets, if you happen to care about them, you may want to take them out for a couple of days until the pup gets the hang of things.

Another thing you need to do is learn to anticipate when she will need to go. There will be some signs that will tell you when it’s time to go to the toilet. The puppy will become a bit agitated, she will start walking in circles and sniffing around. When you notice this type of agitated behavior you just need to calmly approach her, pick her up and say “wait”. There’s no need to worry that she will pee on you when you pick her up. The change of state will surely postpone the moment. Postpone, not completely stop. This is why you should move really quickly. Either take her out or to that place in your house that you specifically intended for this. When you get there, put her down and verbally encourage her by saying “go”. It may seem useless now, but she will soon learn to associate the “go” command with her need to pee. There should also be some praising involved. You should definitely show the puppy that you are pleased with her accomplishment.

Unfortunately you will need to do this routine for a couple of days but the puppy will eventually learn where it is and where it isn’t okay to go. Oh, and the thing that I forgot to mention is that this will happen roughly every two or three hours when the puppy is younger than two weeks. As she will get older she will only need to go for a couple of times a day. So it will be a bit of a rough start but it will definitely be worth it.