How to house train your pup

So in our last article we gave you a few pointers on how to house train your puppy. We explained some general things about her toilet habits, but there is a lot more to training a pup than simply teaching her not to pee on your expensive carpets.


You definitely need to teach the puppy some manners now when she is young because otherwise it will be much harder for you as she gets older. We all know just how happy dogs can get when their owners come back from work. They start barking as they feel you jiggling your keys and as you enter the house they start jumping up and down or start running in circles. They would literally do anything in order to get your attention.

One of the most pressing problems a new dog owner is faced with is the puppy’s urge to jump on people. Believe it or not, this is something that you have taught her. It’s something that you have encouraged over time, and no matter how many times you tell her to stop doing it, she just won’t listen. The thing is that the puppy acts this way because she wants to be picked up and played with. So the only way she knows how to show you that she wants to be held and pet is by jumping on you.

Didn’t think there was a wrong way to pick up a puppy, did you? Well, there most definitely is. Don’t pick her up when she is facing you or when she is already jumping on you. The key is to hold her as if you were about to pick her up, turn her around, let her calm down for a couple of seconds, and then pick her up. This is how she will learn that jumping on you will not get her picked up, but being calm and patient will.


Another thing new dog owners seem to get a lot of is chewed shoes, furniture, and pretty much anything in the pup’s reach. You need to understand that puppies are a lot like babies. In the first couple of months of their lives they are teething, so their gums often get sore and itchy. You just need to keep your cool and find the best solution to this problem. It’s okay for them to chew, but it’s very important that they chew the right thing. There are lots of chew – toys and treats that you can get from your local pet store. Don’t hesitate to get one for them. Encourage them to use it, and clearly state your stand on chewing anything else. When you see her picking up your shoes again, firmly say “no”. Be careful not to scare the puppy though, because she will lose her trust in you, and start seeing you as a threat.

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Cats Signs You Need to Learn About


As a cat owner you need to understand their language. It seems difficult to understand the sign of an animal. But if you observe closely you might know what they are trying to say. You may have wondered a lot of times what actually goes through their mind, do they actually love you? There are many different ways for cat to express their feeling toward their owners. Some of those are easy to understand but others you need to observe really carefully. So here are some signs which can explain the true feeling of your dear pet.

Bringing Presents
We give present to those people whom we love the most. It is no different for animals, a cat bringing presents for you means loves you. The presents are usually their kills and meals. So don’t be alarmed when your cat brings a dead rat for you. It is actually a present for you and the way of cat to express the love for you. Cats are known as good hunters, and they will offer you presents from their hunting. It is considered as a thank you from them.

Showing Their Tummy
Cats are very shy and sensitive in nature. So if they do something like flashing their tummies to you, that actually mean love and affection. Most animals are not known to flash their bellies to stranger or people they don’t like. Cats are like those other animals. Whenever you see your cat is rolling and displaying their tummies that is obviously an indication of love and affection. Animals love it when they feel protected by their owner and they show symptoms of that. Cats are full of pride and honor, so letting their guards off by showing furry tummy means something.


Soft Biting
That is another sign of love from your cats. Cats love to bite owner but not the hard ones, just tender bites to express their love for you. A playful cat will do things like hopping around you, cuddling and soft bites just now and then. If it is not causing any harm you should let your cat do that. It is natural way of expressing their love for you. Owners love the soft bites from their cats which just cause tickling and no other harm.

Cats will follow you wherever you go when are they are in love with you. They linger around you and they like it very much. They will rub their body with your legs and follow you. So you should be careful so you don’t run over your beloved cat. Cats do that to show that they are really fond of you and want to be around you all the time.
As a cat owner if you understand their signs, you will discover so much about their feelings. It will make you feel good about yourself. It is always good to know that someone loves you so much even it is a cat.

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Cleaning up advice after Pets


Unpleasant as it may be, once in a while we have to deal with cleaning out home. For those who happen to be living alone this may not be such a chore, but since not all of us can afford that luxury, cleaning up can often turn into a very nerve wracking task. When you think of the fact that you also have to clean up other people’s mess, now that’s a real bummer. So here are some tips and tricks that will hopefully make things easier for you.

Burnt pans: So there’s really no need to convince anyone that you are in fact NOT a world class chef. You only need to show them your pans and they will surely believe you. What happened? Did that new TV show got you hooked and you completely forgot about what was going on in the kitchen? Did you cook for the dog and it turned out bad !? Or is this your roommate’s doing?

Well, it doesn’t really matter now, so here’s how you can fix it: dissolve some cleaning powder or even solid dishwashing detergent in water and pour it into the pan. Put the pan on the stove and keep it there until the water starts to boil. As soon as you see the first bubbles take the pan off the stove and let it cool for a bit. When it’s safe to keep your hand in the water, you can start scrubbing it gently with the rough part of your dishwashing sponge. I can assure you, the pan will look as new!


Oven: It’s important to clean the inside of your oven and your grill while they are still hot / warm. This way it will be much easier for you to clean all that nasty grease. It’s advised that you sprinkle some salt on the grease stains so that they don’t turn into burnt grease. So while the oven is still hot clean it with a mixture of one part hot water and one part vinegar. After you have finished scrubbing you only need to rinse with some water. I learned this from Pro’s janitor service company. In order to make your job easier in the future you can lay down some aluminum foil on the bottom of your oven and change it once in a while. This way, you will no longer need to scrub the oven and save some time when cleaning it.

Radiator: Do you have any idea just how much dust your radiator has in between its elements? Just like the top of the kitchen cabinets, it is often ignored and full of pet hair. The annoying thing about it is that it’s pretty difficult to clean. The vacuum nozzle definitely can’t fit in order to deal with all that dust; your hand can’t fit, and so on. So here’s what you need to do: straighten the hook of a coat hanger and pierce it through a wet sponge. This will surely be an effective way to clean those hard to reach spots.

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Big dogs, small apartments


Let’s be honest, dog lovers have it rough in the city. There are so many downsides to owning a dog that it’s really a hard thing to handle. Living in a crowded area automatically means that you are forced to live in a small apartment. Finding a place to live that also allows pets is an incredibly hard thing to do. Finding a landlord who is okay with dogs is almost impossible. Almost!

So you’ve managed to find a great place and a great landlord that lets you keep a dog, so now you are doing the research, to make up your mind exactly what breed to get for your tiny place. The obvious answer is a small breed, of course. But if you are anything like me then you can definitely agree that owning a small dog is no different to owning a cat, and cats are no fun at all.

So you want a big, fluffy, hairy, mess of a dog to fit in your limited space. Believe it or not, there are actually some breeds that fit the description. You basically need a big dog that doesn’t need a lot of space and a lot of exercise.

The German Boxer would definitely be a good fit. The great thing about it is that although it’s a big dog, it’s incredibly lazy. This means that it’s levels of energy aren’t through the roof, so two walks a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) should be enough. Another great thing about these dogs is that they are incredibly smart and training will take less than you would expect. They are also very loving, extremely protective of their owner and great with kids. There are actually few breeds that can care for kids better than Boxers.

Another great choice would be the Great Dane. This isn’t just a big dog, it’s a giant one. Just like the Boxer, the Great Dane is incredibly lazy. The thing about them is that they have really short hair and can’t live outside on cold weather. They are highly sensible to colds, so an apartment would be the right place for them. You just need to walk them twice a day, and you are set. And given the fact that they are so lazy, they will most likely never have the urge to chew anything or damage things around the house.

However, the downside of both of these breeds is that they need a strong owner. If you can’t assert your authority with them, you will turn them into the alpha males/females and they will be impossible to handle. If you don’t manage to get them to respect you, and to understand that you’re the boss, then you may as well give up and try to find a more docile, smaller breed.

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Cats vs. dogs


We all know the perpetual war between cat and dog owners or, better said between cat and dog persons. The world seems to be divided between these two categories, and there rarely seems to be an in between. Well, as a person who has owned both cats and dogs I believe that I am more than qualified to settle this argument once and for all.

The important thing to know is that both cats and dogs are amazing pets. They both have some clear upsides. To begin with, the great thing about cats is that they are incredibly independent. This should be understood in the most literal way possible. Cats do not depend on you and the sooner you get this, the better your relationship will be. They don’t necessarily need your attention, they don’t need you to walk them and, at some extent, if we are talking about cats that are also allowed to go outside, they don’t even depend on you when it comes to food. This is the main reason why cats are perfect for people with a busy schedule, who don’t have time to deal with all the drama of the walking and petting. For instance, I even had to go away for a couple of days and couldn’t find a sitter for my dear cat, so I just had to leave it home. I left it with a reasonable supply of food and water and two days later when I came back, she didn’t even seem to notice that I was gone. Of course that at first I was a bit offended, but I soon realized that this is just how cats work.


When it comes to dogs there are really not enough positive things to say about them. People who say that their dog is a part of the family are definitely not kidding. And let me tell you this, dogs are truly amazing. The way they cheer you up and all the love they are capable of giving is just unbelievable. They are always willing to play and make your day better. Not to mention the fact that a dog is really great around the house in case someone uninvited decides to drop by. The fact that they are extremely territorial will surely come in handy in case some thief sets your house as a target. They are great for people with disabilities, for depressed persons or simply for the ones that happen to feel lonely.


All in all, as hard as it may be to believe, there really isn’t a winner when it comes to cats versus dogs. The important thing is to find a pet that best suits your needs, and most importantly, your schedule. As I said before, cats are great for busy people, whereas dogs make a better fit for persons who love the outdoors and like being active all the time. But no matter what pet you choose, they will surely love you if you treat them right.

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